🌟 5 Best Free AI Video Generators in 2024! Create Videos in Minutes!

Feeling worn out from making videos the old way? Picture whipping up stunning clips with just a few clicks. In 2024, AI tools are changing how we make video content. Now, creating videos is faster, simpler, and open to everyone.


The latest tech lets us finish tasks faster, like editing, creating, and transcribing videos. This means pros and newbies alike can dazzle with their video skills. A guide highlights the top 17 AI video editing tools. These can really shake up how you make videos.

Best Free AI Video Generators in 2024

Key Takeaways

  • AI-powered video tools make content creation faster, easier, and more accessible.
  • These tools can automate time-consuming video editing tasks in minutes.
  • Professional video creators and beginners can create eye-catching videos quickly.
  • The article covers the 17 best AI tools for video editing to boost productivity.
  • AI video generators are transforming the video creation landscape in 2024.

Introduction to Free AI Video Generators

AI video tools are using advanced machine learning to make top-notch video content fast.2 Users are preferring them over people editing because they create new videos quickly, add subtitles, shorten long clips to brief ones, and change spoken words into written text.2 Their many uses make them great for different video needs.

What are AI Video Generators?

AI video generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to make producing videos easier and quicker.2 They can turn written instructions into clips or improve and reuse old media. This range of options speeds up and simplifies making video content for everyone.2

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Benefits of Using AI Video Generators

As per the first source, AI video tools come with many advantages. They cut down the time and money needed for making videos, unlike the old ways.2 With these tools, users can fine-tune videos to match their vision and keep a uniform look in all their work.2 They are ideal for those wanting to make videos easily without being an expert.

best free ai video generator

The first source talks about Simplified, an AI video maker. It breaks long videos into short, improved AI clips.3 With an easy-to-use editor, it’s simple to add subtitles and edit videos. One key benefit is its rich editing tools.

It's ideal for creating many short AI-enhanced videos from one long video. The AI Magic Resizer ensures your videos look good on all social media. Simplified also offers Ken Burns and Stop Motion effects, making professional editing easy.


Fliki is a user-friendly tool for making videos from text. It can transform blog posts, scripts, or short texts into videos with AI voices. Different pricing options are available: Free, Basic for $8/month, Standard for $28/month, and Premium for $88/month.


InVideo, the first source tells us, turns scripts into videos. Unlike other AI tools, it lets you control the content. It creates a draft video using stock images and subtitles, which might need more work.

InVideo offers several plans, including Free, Business for $30/month, and Unlimited for $60/month.

AI Video Generation Tools

Synthesia is video software where you make videos with custom avatars. You pick from a library of templates and avatars. It lets you change 120+ AI voices, making it great for video marketing without using your voice. Prices start at $22.50 a month for a personal use plan and go up for custom plans.4

At D-ID, you get to create videos with generative AI. You write a script or give a prompt, then it makes the video. Choose an existing avatar, upload a photo, or generate with AI. Pricing starts with a free trial and then goes from $5.99 a month to $299 a month.4

Guidde has a free Chrome extension for video documentation. It lets you record steps in your browser, turning them into video. You can add voice in over 100 languages. Get started for free, or choose a Pro or Business plan later.4

AI Studios is a powerful video creation platform. It comes with 100+ templates and uses AI to boost productivity. You can easily include virtual presenters in your videos. The video creator includes 80+ AI avatars. It offers a Starter and Pro plan, starting at $30 a month.4

AI Video Editing Tools

Veed.io is considered one of the best ai tools for video creation. Offering smart AI features, it speeds up the editing process. It's great for doing from simple changes like resolution tweaks to transcribing everything said in a video.3 The tool is also very user-friendly, making it perfect for beginners. Its key AI features include video enhancement that makes your video look better automatically. It also has video transcription to turn speech into written text. Veed.io comes with different pricing, starting from Free up to a $95/month business plan.


Ssemble isn't your typical video editing tool, according to the first source. It helps bring your concepts to the screen effortlessly. This tool covers everything, starting from writing the script to the final video. Ssemble's main AI features include the ChatGPT Scriptwriter for creating video scripts and Text to Video, turning scripts into video projects. It also offers Text to Speech for adding cool voice-overs, an Automatic Subtitle Creator, and a Background Noise Remover. Ssemble offers a Free and a $30/month Pro plan.

AI Video Repurposing Tools

The world's hunger for video content is ever-growing. The rise of AI tools has changed how we use and reuse our videos. Notably, Pictory AI and Vidyo.ai stand out in this field.

They help content creators and marketers make the most of their video materials. This saves both time and money. Pictory AI and Vidyo.ai are leading the charge in video repurposing thanks to their innovative features.


Pictory AI transforms text into vibrant videos, a key arrow in the content marketing quiver.5 Just paste in your script or blog post, and Pictory will do the rest. It produces high-quality videos including voiceovers, music, and smooth transitions.

The tool also boasts an auto-summarization feature. With this, long videos can be condensed. Such a tool is perfect for social media content creation. It saves the hefty costs of manual editing or hiring pros.5 Users can start with a free trial before choosing a plan. Prices begin at $19 monthly.


Vidyo.ai is highlighted for its ability to turn long videos into short engaging clips.5 This tool is not only effective but also free. It's ideal for those looking to repurpose their long videos effectively.


This article has looked at the best free AI video generators for 2024. They change how we make videos, making it quicker and simpler.2 You can make videos from text or improve current ones, speeding up the process.

No matter your level, from pro to new, these tools can make your videos better. They say AI will create 95% of web content soon.4 The market for AI video tools hit $472.9 million in 2022, growing each year6.

First, know what you want. Then, compare what's out there and test the choices. This helps pick the best one for you.2 There are many AI video apps like Mango AI, Biteable, and more4. Finding the right one from Synthesia, Descript or others6 can improve your videos and save time.


What are AI video generators?

AI video generators are tools that use the latest technology to make videos. They can create videos based on what users want. This includes adding subtitles and making long videos shorter. They can also change spoken words into text.

What are the benefits of using AI video generators?

These tools save a lot of time and money. They let people make videos the way they want. Plus, they help keep the look of videos the same. This is good for businesses. Making videos with them is easy, even if you're not a pro.

What are the best free AI video generators in 2024?

In 2024, top free AI video tools are Simplified, Fliki, and InVideo. They can do things like make long videos into short clips. They can also turn text into videos that sound like people talking. Or they can create simple videos from written scripts.

What other AI video generation and editing tools are available?

There are more tools like Synthesia, D-ID, Guidde, AI Studios, Veed.io, and Ssemble. They have cool features like creating personalized avatars. They can make images using AI, video reports, and offer strong video editing with AI.

What are the AI video repurposing tools?

Pictory AI and Vidyo.ai can make new short videos from old ones. They help recycle videos for social media and more.

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